Did Chamisa approach Chiwenga for transfer of power?

VP Constantine Chiwenga
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THE leader of the Citizens Coalition for Change (CCC) and presidential candidate, Nelson Chamisa, made an attempt to engage Vice President Constantino Chiwenga in a meeting with President Emmerson Mnangagwa, as disclosed by Presidential Spokesperson George Charamba during an interview with The Herald.

Charamba elucidated that Chamisa pursued this course of action after his earlier endeavors, which involved intermediaries from the church and the business community, had proven unsuccessful. Charamba offered the following insight into Chamisa’s actions: “Naively, Chamisa believed that he could employ a strategy of division and negotiation. The Vice President subsequently apprised the President, who, to assess Chamisa’s sincerity, granted permission for the overtures to proceed, observing how far Chamisa would go. Chamisa soon came to realize that the Vice President was not going to be his intermediary. He was unequivocally instructed to assemble a team that would engage with representatives of Zanu PF.”

In preparation for these proposed discussions, the ruling party designated its Treasurer-General, Patrick Chinamasa, as its representative, while Chamisa selected Utsiwegota and lawyer Innocent Chagonda. Charamba mentioned that when Chinamasa requested a position paper from the opposition, it was not provided by the two interlocutors but instead came from former Minister of State Enterprises and Parastatals, Dr. Gorden Moyo. Charamba noted, “Gorden Moyo clarified that he was merely assisting and was not an emissary of Chamisa. The authenticity of the paper could not be ascertained, and consequently, that particular approach lost momentum.”

Charamba also revealed that Chamisa made a direct approach to him, as they share a familial connection. During their conversations, Chamisa expressed his desire to reach the President through the Vice President. Charamba advised him based on his experiences, referencing the Unity Accord, stating that he was overreaching by expecting to meet the President directly. He recommended that Chamisa organize a team to initiate negotiations. Regrettably, beyond their discussions, no substantive progress was achieved.

Charamba recounted a conversation in which Chamisa conveyed, “Vakuru ngavangondiona chete, zvikangodaro chete vanotonga kusvika madhongi ave nenyanga. Kwangu ku party (CCC) ndinotonga nedemo, my followers will toe the line. I asked him if he had expectations, and he replied that it was at the President’s discretion to determine his role.”

It is worth noting that Chamisa is reportedly exerting considerable efforts to secure a meeting with President Mnangagwa. He aims to utilize this meeting as an endorsement of his legitimacy and leadership within the CCC, thereby strengthening his position in dealing with internal party rivals.

Source – Byo24