Dabengwa memorial service held

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A memorial service for the late national hero Dumiso Dabengwa has been held at Bulawayo’s White City stadium.

It was an emotional moment as the city of Bulawayo came to a standstill in memory of the late liberation intelligence supreme, Dabengwa.

Proceedings began with the collection of the body from a local parlour before the motorcade drove through Joshua Mqabuko Street through the city passing next to the statue of Father Zimbabwe.

Winding through the central business district as many looked with visibly sad faces, the procession made its way to the high density suburbs.

Even little ones attending classes in different suburbs came out peeping through the school fences.

The procession ended at the White City stadium, the venue of the memorial service where multitudes from all walks of life converged to pay their last respect to the late national hero.

There was also a letter from “Russia With Love,” which was read to the mourners.

It was written in memory of the man they called the ‘Black Russian’ by his Russian compatriots.

“Cde Dabengwa will be solely missed. We will remember him for all his work even on promoting relations between Zimbabwe and Russia,” read part of the letter.

Honouring the hero also came through recital of poems.