COVID-19: Diaspora Funeral Cash Plan says ready to assist

Jeff Madzingo
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THE Diaspora Funeral Cash Plan, a leading global funeral insurance company, has assured clients it will continue offering normal services during the current COVID-19  pandemic.

Speaking during a live conference call with Diaspora Funeral Cash Plan senior advisor Morrison Mamutse, company chief executive, Jeff Madzingo said although the world was facing trying times in light of the global coronavirus, the company remained operational and ready to serve its clients across the globe.

The United Kingdom headquartered company, he said, continued to offer agreed funeral covers to a bereaved family within 24 hours of showing proof that they had lost a relative.

“The Diaspora Funeral Cash Plan is paying as usual under the COVID-19 pandemic. We are supporting our clients. Our clients are our family and we have capacitated the whole team to continue to provide services from home,” Madzingo said.

“We have a big call centre in South Africa which is also supporting clients wherever they are in the world. We are paying within 24 hours as always has been promised.

“Today (Thursday), we paid tens of thousands of dollars worth payments in terms of COVID-19 claims. The support is available, we are paying the beneficiaries as was always promised. We are not reneging on our promises. We are able to meet our obligations,” he said.

Mamutse also said the Diaspora Funeral Cash Plan is operational in 13 Africa countries.

“Diaspora Funeral Cash Plan covers 13 countries and is based in Birmingham and our cover has stretched to countries such as Zimbabwe, Zambia, South Africa, Eswatini, Botswana, Ghana, Uganda, Kenya, Tanzania, Malawi Ethiopia, Namibia, Mozambique,” said Mamutse.

“It is our responsibility as a responsible, ethical, and morally driven organisation to bring up to date information to our clients and to potential clients.”

Madzingo said it was important for people working in foreign lands to open a funeral cover as relatives will be able to meet their funeral expenses without challenges.

“Don’t get caught up in a situation where you have a double tragedy of losing a loved one and having to look for funeral support from the wider community or Go Fund Me or begging from the community groups or WhatsApp groups. The purpose of our policy is to give families funeral interventions,” he said.

Madzingo said because of the COVID-19 outbreak, burials had changed as people dying from coronavirus had to be buried within 24 hours making it impossible for a body to be flown home where most countries like Zimbabwe and South Africa, are under lockdown.

“It is a very difficult time for families but they can easily switch and bury their loved ones in the country of current residence.” – Newzim