Coronavirus: 32 Zimbabweans from UK quarantined on arrival

A convoy carrying Zimbabweans who returned from the United Kingdom on its way to ZIPAM where they will be quarantined. Picture by John Manzongo
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Thirty two Zimbabweans who arrived in the country today from the United Kingdom aboard an Ethiopian airlines flight have been taken to Zimbabwe Institute of Public Administration and Management (ZIPAM) for a 21-day-quarantine.

The 32 who arrived this afternoon at Robert Mugabe International Airport were welcomed by officials from the Ministry of Health and Child Care.

Soon after their arrival, they were subjected to a thorough screening process, before they were whisked away in two ambulances and other vehicles from the Ministry of Health and Child Care.

The exercise to quarantine them is part of the measures by Government to reduce the spread of the deadly COVID-19 which has to date killed three people in Zimbabwe.

The United Kingdom is in the top three of countries which are most affected by the pandemic globally.