Coltart gives up option for a Mayoral car

David Coltart
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THE recently elected Bulawayo City Council Mayor Senator David Coltart said he does not need a new Mayoral car as the resources for the new cars can be used to improve service delivery in the city.

Sen Coltart said this during the ongoing civic society organisation and councillors engagement meeting at a local hotel today.

In his presentation, he said city fathers and mothers have a lot to do in terms of service delivery and he said there is no need for the council to wait for funds from the central Government, rather they can use whatever they raise as council to create the Bulawayo everyone wants.

“I came here using a car which has been used by the council for the past nine years, that car is enough for the whole of my term, I’m not going to get a new car for the next five years, unless we have enough ambulances,” he said.

“How can we have new cars whilst we have only five ambulances instead of 30, we only have four fire engines and six refuse trucks and we need the minimum of 11. So, it starts with me and it needs to reflect in you.”

He said councillors are elected to serve not to be served by the people so they should not expect to benefit from their position rather they should bring sanity to the city through improved service delivery.

“We need to work for the interest of the people and our city. If we rely on Central Government we will not achieve much, but we have an obligation to the residents to get things done and we can do this through self reliance,” he said.

Source – The Chronicle