Chief Charumbira throws out diplomatic etiquette as he praises Chiwenga

Chief Charumbira
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GWERU – The president of the Chiefs’ Council, Fortune Charumbira threw diplomatic etiquette through the window on Saturday when he went into overdrive praising Vice President Constantino Chiwenga in a manner that overshadowed President Mnangagwa at a function where the latter was the guest of honour.
The Director of Traditional Leadership in the Ministry of Rural Development, Preservation and Promotion of Culture, Felix Chikovo had to slip a small note to Charumbira and warn him that his speech was live on television. Instead of taking heed of the warning, Charumbira who seemed determined to show his appreciation of Chiwengwa snubbed Chikovo and said he was not worried about the television.
To further pour scorn on Chikovo, Charumbira whose chieftainship is under spotlight following the resuscitation of Bere Chieftainship said he was not worried about live television because he was saying the truth and he went on to read the private note in public.
Charumbira said that Chiwengwa was a man with deep respect for chiefs and he kept the traditional leaders abreast of his plans to depose former President Mugabe. He also said that Chiwengwa as the Army General organised the traditional leader’s day for chiefs.
“We thank the Defence Forces, we thank you Chiwenga you are the Vice president today, I want to thank you deeply for the task you smoothly completed. I want to tell everyone here that chiefs have been working together with Chiwenga for a long time and we knew all these plans but he was only waiting for the right time.
“Chiwenga worked well with Chiefs and I was always in his office and I can even describe how the office looks like,” said Charumbira.