British PM Theresa May endorses Mnangagwa

Theresa May and Cyril Ramaphosa
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CAPE TOWN – British Prime Minister, Theresa May says Zimbabwe has an opportunity to move forward after President Emmerson Mnangagwa’s inauguration on Sunday.

Speaking to NCA News during her visit to South Africa today, May said she is pleased by President Mnangagwa’s pledge to institute a commission of inquiry into the violence that occurred early this month just after the July 30 elections.

Theresa May on Zimbabwe: “I think there’s a real opportunity for Zimbabwe now and I look forward to Zimbabwe being able to grasp that opportunity for the future”

May described President Mnangagwa’s move as a great opportunity for the country to shape its destiny, adding that the latest development in Zimbabwe is encouraging.

“He is the elected President and has taken a key step by setting up an inquiry into the violence and that is a very important signal from him about the Zimbabwe he wants to see for the future,” May said.

President Mnangagwa was sworn in on Sunday after the Constitutional Court upheld his election victory after it was challenged by MDC Alliance leader, Nelson Chamisa.

The President, who assumed leadership of the country in November last year to finish the term of his predecessor, Mr Robert Mugabe, has opened the country to investors under his re-engagement drive and the Zimbabwe is open for business mantra.