Biti’s Party Responds To Statement Threatening To Leave Chamisa And MDC Alliance

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The People’s Democratic Party (PDP) led by Tendai Biti has labelled as fake a statement circulating on social media and authored by a Facebook account Pdp Harare.

In a response on Twitter, PDP spokesperson Jacob Mafume said the statement is fake. Said Mafume:

It is not true ..very fake

The statement alleges that members of the MDC-T led by Nelson Chamisa is displacing PDP candidates and alleges that Wilson Makanyaire reportedly removed PDP Hurungwe West aspiring candidate, Severino Chambati, and imposed himself to contest in that. Read the full fake statement below:

Bullying in the Alliance MUST STOP

As the People’s Democratic Party (PDP), led by Advocate Tendai Biti, we have noticed with great disgust the manner we have been treated in the MDC Alliance by members of the MDC-T faction led by Nelson Chamisa.

When we made the decision as a party to join the Alliance it was not because we were afraid to go it alone but we thought a UNITED opposition would have a greater chance to dislodge ZANU PF. We thought we shared similar goals with other Alliance partners, only to find out now, a few days before the general election that we have been hoodwinked and taken for fools by those who think they own the electorate simply because they have a leader who is ‘youthful.’

When we first heard of it we thought it was just rumours generated by those who opposed the Alliance but now we have woken up and will not stand for it. MDC-T (Chamisa) promised to stay away from constituencies that our members would be taking part in. However, this is not what is happening on the ground. We now have MDC-T (Chamisa) candidates who think they are superior to ours and are trying to renege on their party’s assurances to let our members go unopposed by other Alliance members.

A case in point is that of Wilson Makanyaire who has reportedly displaced PDP Hurungwe West aspiring candidate, Severino Chambati, and imposed himself to contest in that. We will not stand for it. Let me conclude by saying this Alliance needs us more than we need it and if our President (Adv Biti) will not address this issue we will withdraw all our members from this unhappy marriage.