Audio: Listen to damning leaked conversation between Kuda Tagwirei and Temba Mliswa

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There is a conversation making rounds on social media suspected to be between Norton legislator Temba Mliswa and businessman Kuda Tagwirei.

The conversations start by Tagwirei denying the SOTIC deal with NOIC saying it did not materialise. The alleged deal was made between a Tagwirei linked company called SOTIC with the government-owned National Oil and Infrastructure Company of Zimbabwe (NOIC). The deal is alleged to be worth USD 1,2 billion with NOIC required to pay USD 12 million to SOTIC monthly. SOTIC was to guarantee the supply of adequate fuel to Zimbabwe.

The conversations goes on with Temba Mliswa and Tagwirei castigating President ED Mnangagwa for not appointing his loyalists to fill positions as cabinet ministers. Mliswa in particular questions the rationale behind replacing Energy and Power Development Minister Fortune Chasi with Soda Zhemu.

He mocked Zhemu claiming he has a degree in cotton and never speaks in parliament on behalf of the constituency he represents.

Mliswa is of the opinion that the current Zanu PF acting party spokesperson is a better candidate as he fits in any ministry he is assigned to as he knows party policies. Tagwirei seemed to be in agreement with Mliswa but went further to castigate Fortune Chasi for peeping his nose into his affairs before asking him for clarity.

Mliswa said he is worried that the people picked to be ministers by Mnangagwa are not ‘his people’ and may cause him to lose the 2023 elections.

Mliswa particularly identified new Lands and Agriculture Minister Anxious Masuku as undeserving of his position as he is not in Zanu PF Central Committee and Politburo. He suggests the Lands Ministry post is political and requires a loyalist to fill the position for the party to win elections. Mliswa also revealed that Chinamasa is not happy with the way he is being overlooked by Mnangagwa and stated that exiled former Minister Saviour Kasukuwere also questioned Mnangagwa’s appointments.

Here is the leaked conversation between Temba Mliswa and Kuda Tagwirei