Acie Lumumba speaks out

Wiliam Mutumanje, aka Acie Lumumba
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HARARE – During deposed president Robert Mugabe’s last days, pictures of Acie Lumumba with the military had people talking.

On his Facebook and Twitter accounts Lumumba would post updates depicting he had inside information on events leading to Mugabe’s fall.

It seemed almost obvious that he would revive his political career in the new dispensation under President Emmerson Mnangagwa, but Lumumba has now declared he is out of politics.

Rewind to June 2016, Lumumba did the unthinkable and insulted Mugabe — who then was the most feared man in Zimbabwe —with the “f” word, before launching his political party, Viva Zimbabwe.

But his ambitions as an opposition political party leader were short lived, and crumbling after Mnangagwa’s inauguration, and he re-joined Zanu PF, but this time as a mere supporter.

“I took a deliberate position as the new president came in to take a step back from politics,” Lumumba said.

“I genuinely feel I have given politics most of my work in life, I gave everything a human being can possibly give to my political beliefs and I have served my time and would like to spend more time now building businesses, in enterprise,” he said.

“I encourage and support young people who participate in politics. I think it’s the right thing to do. However, I would like to take a break. I feel like I went into a relationship, got married, it was abusive it was very painful and I got a chance to leave, why would I want to jump right back into it. I am really enjoying my time away from politics.”

He said his party, Viva Zimbabwe, had served its purpose but was reluctant to comment on whether or not it was participating in the forthcoming elections, saying he is no longer involved.

“The reason why we created the platform Viva Zimbabwe was to give young people an opportunity to participate in politics in Zimbabwe whereby they could run for political office even at presidential level.”

“We wanted to see a young president and I remember the time I left Zanu PF it had the problem of neglecting young people and I feel I served my role to build the momentum. Mugabe is gone and I thought I would go back to Zanu PF and finish off the journey I had started in politics.

“Politics is a very expensive game that requires a lot of resources to mobilise people, put structures in place and campaign effectively and efficiently. Ultimately, I think elections go to the candidate with the most money.”

He said the political landscape was more stable now than before, and has high hopes for a free election.

“If you reflect on Zanu PF or MDC, this time last year they were much fractured with various factions but I think we are now clearer to make a decision when we vote.

“Realistically we are now looking at two major players. Chamisa has a better team, sexually balanced, younger and more racially balanced fair on experience but the trouble is for it to work as a team on the other side Zanu PF has a very stable team they don’t really score no goals but very stable a lot of crop in the Cabinet score no goals but provide stability to the machinery of Zanu PF.

“I would say at present it is 2-0 up for Zanu PF, if Chamisa scores the next goal then it is open season and I think this is going to be the fairest election we are going to ever have the conditions have never been fair I think it is really an election of the past versus the future.” – Daily News