7 Takeaways From President Emmerson Mnangagwa’s Speech At The Zanu-PF Congress

President Emmerson Mnangagwa
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Here are seven quick takeaways from President Emmerson Mnangagwa’s speech at the Zanu-PF Extraordinary Congress held on Friday.  This was the first Congress in 37 years without former President Robert Mugabe.

We have paraphrased some of his words.

1.Leader of the whole nation

We should reject tribalism and regionalism. My ascendancy to the Presidency must not be interpreted as the victory of the Team Lacoste faction over the G40 Faction. Or the rise in the fortunes of one region, or tribe or totem. My presidency is about a united Zanu-PF, a national party with a national outlook. I am the president of all men, women and youth, the sick and old, I am president of all who are celebrated in the constitution.

2.Praise singing

Do not sing songs about me, but sing revolutionary songs from the liberation struggle and our national anthem. I will be content and overjoyed. The Congress must define a new trajectory for our party

3.Leadership Renewal

Zanu-PF can no longer be a party of the past. We must also be a party of the future. A party for prosperity, and also for posterity. Successful organisations are those that constantly renew themselves. We should not be a party of the past, we should be a party for the future, we should engage women and youths.

4.Career Politicians

Let us not be careerists who cling to party structures for self-gain and self-enrichment.

5.Elections 2018

Zanu-PF must compete in elections through pitting itself against the opposition in elections that are free, fair and credible.

6.G40 Faction

G40 was a cabal of counter-revolutionaries, who like weevils, were destroying the party from within, fueling corruption, disrespected party rules & sanitised corruption.

Corrupt activities were daily sanitised while money was stashed outside the country and the economy suffered. Young people were no longer seeing a future for themselves in the country.


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