Zuma taken to task over Grace Mugabe’s immunity- ‘just admit you are afraid of Mugabe’

South African President Jacob Zuma
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PRETORIA – South African President Jacob Zuma today said he was not involved in the granting of diplomatic immunity to Zimbabwe’s First Lady Grace Mugabe who had to leave South Africa in a huff after allegedly assaulting a 20-year model.

But one South African legislator asked Zuma why could he not just admit that he was afraid of Zimbabwe President Robert Mugabe?

Zuma was asked by Democratic Alliance leader Mmusi Maimane: “..The question is actually very simple Mr President. What grounds did Grace Mugabe get diplomatic immunity for?  On what basis?  It’s as simple as that. She came here. She beat up a young South African woman and we want to know why the South African government allowed her to leave under the guise of diplomatic immunity. That’s all. Thank you.”

He responded: “With regard to Mrs Mugabe,  now,  I’m not a lawyer. I don’t know the points of law and I was not involved in this process, how it has been done I would be lying if I speculate,  what were the facts that were put because I was not in that department dealing with that matter  so I’m not going to give you an answer that is not there.

Molapi Ploumma asked: “Honourable President I think we must admit that truth and honesty has long departed your administration. Why can’t you admit that you are afraid of Robert Mugabe therefore his wife can beat anyone even in South Africa, the least said about Mududuzi and Manana the better.  Honourable President why arewe paying you because it seems you haveopened our country to be abused. When are you going to start leading Honourable President?”

Zuma  responded: “Firstly I have not opened a country to any abuse. If somebody, part of the reason why we have the laws in the country is that when somebody commits a crime here there are law enforcement entities that deal with that and insofar as the matter we are referring to the police were very active, were very involved dealing with that matter.

“What I’m not saying, I’m not a lawyer, I don’t know what happened and how the matter at the end came to a point that it came to, a point where it came. So so all I’m saying the right the actions were taken the police were there, they dealt with the matter, then the issue of diplomatic conditions came about,  and and and and actions were taken.

“All I’m saying, I can’t answer that detail not being aware what actually happened.  I can’t lie. Why do you say the truth has run away because I’m telling the truth? What is your problem ?”