Zambian govt expresses its dismay at Zimbabwe State broadcaster documentary

Chushi Kasanda
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LUSAKA – The government of Zambia, through the Ministry of Information and Media, has raised concerns over the recently released documentary titled “The Grand Scheme.”

The documentary, produced by a foreign news agency and a foreign government, has stirred controversy for its content, which includes allegations of political conspiracies and regime change in Zambia and neighboring countries.

In a press statement according to the Lusaka Times, Hon. Chushi Kasanda, MP, the Minister of Information and Media and Chief Government Spokesperson, criticized the participation of Zambian individuals, including Fred M’membe, Emmanuel Mwamba, Chilufya Tayali, and Raphael Nakachinda, in the documentary. She stated that these individuals, whom she referred to as “charlatans,” should not be allowed to jeopardize Zambia’s friendly relations with Zimbabwe.

Minister Kasanda expressed her dismay at how these individuals allegedly discredited their own country and leader for international acclaim, causing reputational damage to Zambia. She labeled them as failed politicians attempting to solicit foreign support to destabilize Zambia’s constitutionally elected government. She further noted that these individuals appeared to be motivated by their aversion to President Hakainde Hichilema and the UPND government.

Additionally, the Minister highlighted that the government was concerned about the documentary’s smear campaign against Dr. Nevers Mumba, who was involved in SADC-related activities. She urged Zambian citizens to discern the intentions of these opposition leaders, questioning their patriotism and morality levels.

In response to the allegations, Dr. Nevers Mumba, a prominent figure in the documentary, issued a strongly worded statement condemning the content and its producers. Dr. Mumba accused the five Zambians—Fred M’membe, Given Lubinda, Raphael Nakachinda, Emmanuel Mwamba, and Chilufya Tayali—of collaborating with Zimbabwe’s ZANU-PF and the Zimbabwe Broadcasting Corporation to produce a “reckless” and “anti-Zambian” documentary.

Dr. Mumba argued that the documentary went beyond politics, characterizing it as national sabotage and espionage. He contended that the documentary contained false claims, defamation, and insults against him and President Hakainde Hichilema. He emphasized the gravity of suggesting that a sitting President is working to overthrow neighboring governments on behalf of Western interests, considering it a threat to national security.

Dr. Mumba called for a thorough investigation into the matter, suggesting that the justice system should take an interest in addressing this alleged breach of national security.