White supremacist training for violence in case Trump loses election, says report

A white supremacist group is training for violence incase Donald Trump loses the election to Joe Biden. (Photo by Chip Somodevilla/Getty Images)
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A white supremacist group is training for violence incase Donald Trump loses the election, says a report.

The Patriot Front is preparing for civil conflict as they believe that the president’s defeat on election day is inevitable, according to the report from BuzzFeed.

The Patriot Front was reportedly created in the aftermath of the Charlottesville far-right riots and now has hundreds of members around the US.

The group’s preparations were revealed in a cache of hundreds of messages exchanged between members in an encrypted messaging app, according to BuzzFeed.

“In logs of the chats, all from this year, around 280 members of the group discuss grandiose goals — creating a white ethnostate from the existing United States,” wrote Jane Lytvynenko.

“The group wants to expel immigrants, people of color, and Jews, remaking the fabric of America.

“The messages reveal a sophisticated network of extremists who are training for violence.

“The men, who believe the United States is a nation that belongs only to white people, wear uniforms made up of bomber jackets, face coverings, and beige khakis, mandate weight loss and intense workouts, and regularly practice hand-to-hand combat.


“Some openly call themselves ‘supremacist’ and revere Hitler and Mussolini.”

The report reveals that the group believes that it does not matter who wins the election in one week.

“It does not matter what people personally believe about it,” wrote the group’s leader Thomas Rousseau.

“Casting a ballot is a submissive gesture to legitimise tyranny. It is fundamentally amoral. It is done as an insult to the nation’s cause and the organisation.”

Source: The Independent (UK)