Tensions rise in Mozambique after mayor gunned down

Mahamudo Amurane
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Tensions are high in Nampula, Mozambique’s third largest city in the country’s north, after Mayor Mahamudo Amurane was gunned down Wednesday night.

Amurane was a member of the Mozambique Democratic Movement, a majority party in most parts of northern Mozambique that broke away from Renamo some years ago.

Moz TV journalist Marciano Mubai says angry members of the party have blockaded most of the roads with burning tyres and rocks in protest for the killing of Amurane.

“A gunman went to a shop where he was standing somewhere there and shot him three times. He died when someone was taking him to the hospital. He later died. The police say they don’t know who killed him. They are trying to find out what is going on to find the people who killed him.”