South African rulling party youth leader pleads with government to unleash army on illegal immigrants

Collen Malatji ( President) speaks during a press conference held by the new ANC Youth league leadership at Luthuli House. Picture: Timothy Bernard / African News Agency (ANA)
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Johannesburg – ANC Youth League leader Collen Malatji has pleaded with South African President Cyril Ramaphosa to unleash the army on illegal foreigners.

This comes amid complaints that illegal foreigners are responsible for most of the hijacked buildings as well as illegal mining in the country.

Malatji also wants all spaza shops in South Africa to be run by South Africans. Malatji was speaking during his speech at the ANC’s Manifesto Review event held at Dobsonville Stadium on Sunday.

‘’We cannot allow illegal foreigners to take over our towns. It is clear that all the towns in South Africa have been taken over by illegal foreigners. Because of the high level of unemployment in South Africa, young people are all over the streets smoking drugs and not doing anything. We are saying that all of those buildings must be cleaned out. The Minister of Police and Defence Minister must go and clean out all those buildings,’’ he said.

Malatji, in his speech, also implored the Minister of Electricity, Dr Kgosientsho Ramokgopa, to bring load shedding under control. He said young people are ready to step in and save the country if current leaders feel they are not up to the task of governing it.

‘’The Minister of Electricity cannot be the Minister of Load Shedding. It is very important that the Minister of Electricity becomes the Minister of Electricity. That is why, as the youth league, we have taken the clear decision that we are going to assist you in assessing your ministers, your deputy ministers, your DGs, your CEOs, and everyone else. We have a list of young people who are ready to occupy the positions. Those positions were not created for them to run around with blue lights. They were created so that we could resolve all the socio-economic challenges of our people,’’ he said.

On corruption, Malatji said the youth league wants to see an end to corruption.

‘’Corruption is at the top of our agenda. The people of South Africa in 2021 said that they love the ANC, but what they are requesting from us is to clean up all the corrupt people in the ANC. President, do not be scared to arrest them. You must arrest them, and the ANC will tell them to step aside,’’ he said.

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