Self-proclaimed prophetess arrested over fake resurrection in Malawi

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PRETORIA – Malawian police have arrested a self-proclaimed prophetess who claimed to have resurrected a teenage boy that died in a road accident in 2016.

The suspect, who is popularly known as prophetess Aweje Tchaledi, was arrested earlier this week while her son, known as prophet James Malewa, is still at-large, Malawi24 reported on Friday.

The two told a school teacher in the Dedza district, south of the Malawi capital Lilongwe, that they had powers to raise the dead and to locate people who died in mysterious circumstances.

The teacher lost her 14-year-old son in the 2016 accident. After being paid 50 000 Kwacha, the suspects brought the teacher a 14-year-old boy, asserting that it was her son.

The boy was also claiming to be the teacher’s son and said he was being kept in a mansion.

News of the resurrected boy went viral, including on social media, prompting the Malawian police to institute an investigation.

After being questioned, the boy revealed that he was not the teacher’s son and had been instructed by Malewa and Tchaledi to pose as the woman’s child.

The boy reportedly apologised to the teacher for his involvement in the scam, said Malawi24.

In Johannesburg last year, two suspects faced fraud charges related to a fake resurrection incident in which a Zimbabwean man known as Brighton Moyo, who was in a coffin, was filmed “rising from the dead” during a church service led by South African-based Congolese televangelist Alph Lukau.

Moyo’s “miracle resurrection” took place in February at Lakau’s Alleluia Ministries. A video of the event went viral.

South African police are still searching for Moyo, even though reports from Zimbabwe said that weeks after the “resurrection” he died in his home town.

African News Agency (ANA)