Ramaphosa calls for reform of UN Security Council, global financial institutions

President Cyril Ramaphosa. Picture: Kopano Tlape/GCIS
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SOUTH African President Cyril Ramaphosa has called for the reform of the UN Security Council and global financial institutions.

He also said they did not want a unipolar world, but a multipolar world driven by a peaceful world order.

Ramaphosa was part of world leaders addressing the Communist Party of China Dialogue.

President Xi Jinping opened the session.

Venezuelan leader Nicolas Maduro was also taking part in the event.

Russian President Vladimir Putin was set to address the session later.

Ramaphosa said he applauded the foreign policy of China as it was based on non-interference.

Countries of the South share common ideas on global world issues.

He said one of the problems facing the world today was a threat to global peace and security.

He said the world has been facing an economic downturn with an increase in poverty and inequality.

This cannot be allowed to happen in a world that wants to strive for peace, justice and equality.

All world leaders have a role to play in changing the economic fortunes of countries facing difficulties.

This was not the time to be hostile to one another, but to find peaceful solutions to conflicts.

“The ANC continues to respect the UN and its Charter as the basis for international law. We continue to call for the reform of the international institutions including the UN Security Council and the global financial institutions to foster peace, stability, inclusive growth and the developmental path that leaves no one behind. We are opposed to a unipolar world order driven by unilateralism and continue to strive for a multipolar global order that is based on mutual respect and the creation of a win-win partnership,” said Ramaphosa.