Putin Proposes Reshuffle in Russian Government: Shoigu to Head Security Council, Belousov as Defense Minister

Vladimir Putin and Shoigu
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Moscow,— Russian President Vladimir Putin has announced a significant cabinet reshuffle, proposing key appointments that include Andrey Belousov as the new defense minister and Sergey Shoigu as the Secretary of the Security Council.

In a series of changes unveiled by the Kremlin, current Defense Minister Sergey Shoigu is set to take on the role of Security Council Secretary, succeeding Nikolay Patrushev. Andrey Belousov, who previously served as the first deputy prime minister, has been nominated to lead the Ministry of Defense.

According to the Russian Tass news publication, the reshuffle extends to other key positions within the Russian government, with Foreign Minister Sergey Lavrov, Minister of Internal Affairs Vladimir Kolokoltsev, Minister of Emergency Situations Alexander Kurenkov, and Justice Minister Konstantin Chuychenko retaining their respective posts.

Kremlin spokesman Dmitry Peskov highlighted the rationale behind Belousov’s appointment as defense minister, emphasizing the imperative of integrating the economic aspects of the security bloc with the broader national economy.

Peskov underscored that despite the change in leadership, the strategic framework within the defense sector remains unchanged, with Chief of Russia’s General Staff Valery Gerasimov retaining his position.

Sergey Shoigu’s transition to the role of Security Council Secretary signifies an expanded portfolio, encompassing oversight of the Federal Service for Military-Technical Cooperation, now under direct presidential supervision. Additionally, Shoigu will serve as the president’s deputy in the Military-Industrial Commission, alongside his new role.

Meanwhile, the appointments extend beyond security and foreign policy domains, with Boris Kovalchuk proposed as the Chairman of the Accounts Chamber, a position left vacant since November 2022.

Kovalchuk, previously Chairman of the Board of Inter RAO and deputy head of the control directorate in the Russian presidential administration, brings extensive experience to the role.

The proposed appointments signal a strategic realignment within the Russian government, aimed at bolstering national defense capabilities and ensuring effective governance across key sectors. Further details regarding the reshuffle are expected to emerge in the coming days, according to Kremlin sources.