Plot to assassinate South African President corruption whistleblower and his lawyer outed

Former State Security Agency director-general Arthur Fraser has been in hiding after he received “credible information” that there was a hit on him and his lawyer, Advocate Muzi Sikhakhane.
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Johannesburg – A plot to kill former State Security Agency (SSA) director-general (DG) Arthur Fraser was hatched after he allegedly refused a R50 million offer from a Cape Town underworld boss to make the Phala Phala case against President Cyril Ramaphosa “go away”.

The Sunday Independent can exclusively reveal that Fraser has not seen his family since he opened a criminal case against Ramaphosa and the head of the presidential protection service, General Wally Rhoode, at Rosebank police station in Johannesburg on June 1 this year.

The former spy boss has been in hiding after he received “credible information” that there was a hit on him and his lawyer, advocate Muzi Sikhakhane. Fraser confirmed this week that he was aware of the plot.

“I am aware of these claims and, having independently investigated them, I can only conclude that these inducements and threats originate directly from the president or people acting in his interest,” Fraser alleged.

He refused to give further details or what he had uncovered about the matter. Fraser also confirmed that his lawyer had also become a target.

“Both of us have been put through hell with inducements and serious threats to our lives since I laid the charges against the president,” he said.

Ramaphosa spokesperson, Vincent Mangwenya, yesterday said they have no knowledge of the claims.

“We have no knowledge of the claims deposited in your questions,” he said.

Sikhakhane also confirmed that he was made aware of the alleged plot to kill him and Fraser.

“I was made aware of the plot to kill me and my client, Mr Fraser, and this is nothing new as I have always been singled out for doing nothing but representing my clients. I have also been targeted by even my own colleagues for the cases that I do. My white colleagues have never been troubled for who they are representing,” he said.

Sikhakhane refused to give further details as he did not want to put his family in more danger but the Sunday Independent can reveal that:

  • A well-known Cape Town underworld boss, whose name is known to the
  • In the same meeting, the confidant was told that if Fraser refused the offer a well-known notorious taxi boss from Pretoria, who had been linked to several assassinations of prominent figures around the Sandton area, would deal with him and Sikhakhane.

It is not yet known who gave the “underworld boss” a mandate to negotiate with Fraser’s confidant as he has no government ties but he has been linked to several politicians. It must also be emphasised that there is also no known connection between the “underworld boss” and Ramaphosa or Rhoode.

The alleged plot to kill Fraser was initially revealed to the Sunday Independent in July when a prominent political commentator asked this reporter if he was aware of a plot to kill Fraser using a Pretoria taxi boss, whose name was given to the Sunday Independent.

The Sunday Independent can also reveal that Fraser and Sikhakhane went to Durban on September 16 to meet with a prominent politician in the province and asked for his intervention to save their lives.

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On September 19, Fraser and Sikhakhane were introduced to a Durban businessman who had close ties with the Pretoria taxi boss.

“The Durban businessman phoned the Pretoria taxi boss in Fraser and Sikhakhane’s presence and he didn’t deny that he was hired to kill the two men but refused to name the person who hired him. Instead he suggested a face-to-face meeting to discuss the matter as it was sensitive,” a source close to Fraser said this week.

The source said the Durban businessman, whose name is known to the Sunday Independent, was attacked a few days later.

“The Durban businessman was kidnapped, beaten up and left for dead after Fraser and Sikhakhane’s visit to him. He never followed with the proposed face-to-face meeting as he felt it wasn’t safe for him,” the source said.

The source added that Fraser has never slept in the same house twice after he opened the case as “he is always on the run”.

The Sunday Independent understands that Sikhakhane was one of the people who were allegedly targeted to be arrested, on bogus charges, linking him to the July unrest.

His brother’s son, Phendula Sikhakhane, who was raised by the advocate and stays with him, was arrested and linked to the July unrest, but all charges against him were withdrawn this week.

“My whole family has been targeted and victimised because of my clients. I too was also supposed to be arrested and linked to the July unrest, just to tarnish my image and reputation,” Sikhakhane said.

The source close to Fraser and Sikhakhane added that the two men had “vowed that they would die fighting than to die selling out the country”.