Extremist Islamic groups planning terror bombs in Southern Africa

U.S., UK, France strike Syria
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Members of the extremist Islamic groupings are plotting to unleash a wave of violent strikes and bombings in Southern Africa, a prominent clergyman has revealed.

Pastor Ian Ndlovu of Divine Kingdom Baptist Ministries based in Bulawayo gave the chilling prophecy on Sunday at his base in Bulawayo.

Ndlovu said God showed him the extremist group which is linked to the Middle Eastern religion invading Southern Africa in a bid to embark on a total takeover of the region.

The groups will force people to convert to Islam and will use violence on people and bombings of buildings, planes and public places to fulfil their plans.

The pastor urged governments in SADC  to be vigilant in protecting their people and making sure that the plot by the said groups does not come to fruition.

Pastor Ian Ndlovu has earned himself a reputation as one of the few pastors in Zimbabwe who prophecy events that come to manifest.

South Africa’s Daily Maverick recently reported that on 4 June 2019, the Islamic State (IS) claimed credit for an attack in Mozambique under the banner of the Islamic State Central Africa Province (Isca), saying, “The soldiers of the Caliphate were able to repulse an attack by the Crusader Mozambican army in Metubi village, in the Mocimboa area. They clashed with them with a variety of weapons, killing and wounding a number of them. The mujahideen captured weapons, ammunition, and rockets as spoils.”

Source – Byo24