Calls on UK to be suspended from Commonwealth mount

Wole Soyinka
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Celebrated Nigerian writer Wole Soyinka has called on Commonwealth member countries to send a fact-finding mission to the UK following last week’s decision by Prime Minister Boris Johnson to suspend – or prorogue – parliament.
Mr Johnson’s move had been seen by some as an attempt to stop MPs from preventing the UK form leaving the European Union without a deal. The prime minster has said that there is still plenty of time to debate the issue. Parliament is due to look at the issue on Tuesday.

“I never thought I would live to see a prime minister prorogue parliament, I mean what is this, Oliver Cromwell come back?” Mr Soyinka told BBC’s Newsday programme.

He added that the UK was setting a “bad example”:

“I think the fellow members of the Commonwealth should sit up and take note and examine the protocols of British associations and see whether Britain merits suspension from the Commonwealth for setting a bad example in democratic practice.”

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Source – BBC