Air France launches new Maputo route as Mozambique liquified gas projects become real

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Air France is expanding its operations on the African continent with an increased frequency of flights between Paris-Charles de Gaulle and Johannesburg. It also announced the launch of a new route to Maputo in Mozambique from June 20, 2021. The flight to Maputo will be a continuation of the Johannesburg flight.

Wouter Vermeulen, general manager Southern Africa Air France-KLM, said the airline company remains strongly committed to Africa as a strategic asset in their global network.

“Air France is very pleased to announce that we will increase our flights to Johannesburg again and add Maputo to our network starting from June. In recent years, Mozambique has emerged as an important business destination, due to its rich natural energy reserves. We will connect Maputo to all major cities in Europe and the rest of the world, thanks to our extensive global network.

“Next to the support to the growth of the energy sector, tourism is also an important asset of Mozambique for Air France to build on. It is also significant that we can find new business opportunities and expand amid a pandemic and thereby continue to connect people from Africa to the rest of the world,” he said.

The launch of the Maputo route is another milestone for Air France as it extends its African footprint to 43 cities on the continent.

“The evening departure from Paris-Charles de Gaulle will serve as a perfect way to connect to the flight to Maputo. The early arrival from Maputo into Paris ensures that passengers can connect to the first wave of departures from Charles de Gaulle to anywhere in the world where Air France operates,” said Vermeulen.