Prophecy: Finance Minister in SADC to resign

Prophet Isaiah Brian Sovi
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South Africa based Imperial City Church leader Prophet Isaiah Brian Sovi has issued a prophecy that a Southern African Finance Minister will resign suddenly after being pressured to do so.

The eagle-eyed Prophet whose prophecy about the resignation of British Prime Minister Teressa said:

Prophecy Alert

I saw a finance minister of a southern African country RESIGNING suddenly. This is due to pressure. I saw the currency of that nation stirring long against the US Dollar

The prophecy created speculation that it might be talking about either Zimbabwe’s Mthuli Ncube or South Africa’s Tito Mboweni.

When contacted by this publication to shed more light on the prophecy Sovi said, “Prophets are Watchmen sent by God to see the future and reveal it in the present. I began the Prophecy Alert Series so as to alert Christians all over the world regarding future events.

“Every Prophecy that I issue will be as God permitted me to do. In this particular prophecy that is what God permitted me to say. I saw the dates, the time and the country but that is what I am permitted to say. Christians must watch and pray.

“We are praying to God to grant us the grace to bring together intercessors all over the world so that when God gives us a prophecy the Christians can intercede in prayer and supplication.”

Sovi leads a growing charismatic church in Sandton South Africa where he attracts scores of business people, politicians from all over Africa who come to experience the touch of God and get a prophetic word.

He is the spiritual son of the United Kingdom-based Emeritus Uebert Angel.

Source – Byo24News