Zimbabwe Turns to China’s Smart Policing to Bolster Law Enforcement

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In a strategic move to bolster its law enforcement, Zimbabwe is set to adopt smart policing technologies from China. This initiative is aimed at enhancing efficiency and reducing the necessity for a conspicuous police presence on the streets.

The revelation comes from Zimbabwe’s Home Affairs and Cultural Heritage Minister, Kazembe Kazembe, following his meeting with Zhou Ding, the Chinese Ambassador to Zimbabwe.

Embracing AI and Smart Surveillance

The adoption of advanced technologies such as artificial intelligence and smart surveillance, widely used in China, is being considered for integration into the Zimbabwe Republic Police. The overarching goal is to establish a police force that remains effective sans the traditional, visible presence on the streets. The collaboration with China is poised to extend beyond technology, encompassing areas like cultural heritage and training programs for immigration officers.

Strengthening Sino-Zimbabwe Relations

The aim is to facilitate better communication with the Chinese, given the surge in tourists and investors from China. Ambassador Zhou reinforced China’s continued support, citing the donation of equipment to Zimbabwe’s forensic science laboratory and the provision of training opportunities for police officers and government officials.

The Chinese Embassy has plans to further fortify police cooperation via a memorandum of understanding.

Zimbabwe’s Police Earn Praise

In a noteworthy mention, Ambassador Zhou lauded the role of the Zimbabwean police in ensuring peaceful elections in 2023. The adoption of smart policing technologies from China marks a significant step in Zimbabwe’s law enforcement trajectory, underscoring a progressive approach to maintaining law and order.

It also highlights the strengthening ties between Zimbabwe and China, casting a spotlight on the interplay of technology, diplomacy, and law enforcement.