UK-based Zimbabwean creates new ‘game-changer’ app described as an ‘Amazon for farmers’

Nigel Aaron
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AFTER seeing the struggles farmers have worldwide, one man has taken it upon himself to create an app described as an ‘Amazon for farmers.’ The app, where buyers can purchase crops and connect with their farmers, is proving to be a success.

Global Farmers Connect was created by Nigel Aaron, a former Nottingham Trent University student. Whilst his business partner, a farmer, was struggling in Zimbabwe, he wanted to help farmers both in the UK and overseas.

The app, described as ‘convenient’, is free to download. Global Farmers Connect launched in 2020.

Nigel, who has a digital design and Master’s Degree in Cybersecurity, said: “I made this app because of the struggles my business partner faced back in Zimbabwe whilst I was here at uni. As a farmer, it was hard for them to find a market so I made a farmer’s Amazon.

“The app has around 1,500 buyers and farmers and we have 14,000 active followers on Facebook. The prices for the food varies, it depends on the farmer and where they are in the world but it’s always a lot cheaper than supermarkets.”

Nigel, who lives in Bestwood, added: “One thing that is really popular and in demand at the moment is chillies.”

Steve Mason, a farmer from Mansfield, said: “This feature has immensely expanded my market reach, allowing me to explore new opportunities internationally. Connecting with buyers seamlessly through this app has proven to be incredibly convenient and efficient.”

Steve added: “ Global Farmers Connect app has been a game-changer for farmers like me. Being a farmer with limited technological knowledge, I am sincerely grateful for the benefits and user-friendliness this app brings.”

Since the pandemic, the UK has suffered a fruit and vegetable shortage and food inflation. Global Farmers Connect ensures that there is always cheap and quality produce available.

Nigel added: “We’re trying to bring more awareness to farmers in the UK about not relying on chemicals like fertilisers to help grow their crops; this can lead to health problems.”

Farmer Caroline’s Muganhiri, Nigel’s business partner, said: “After venturing in farming projects as well as creating a group of passionate proactive diaspora farming communities I approached my partner who created digital solutions to solve third world country issues. We started an online farmer market and now we have released our first farming AI Amazing Jack. These digital solutions have revolutionised farming in Africa at a higher speed than expected.”

Global Farmers Connect isn’t available on iOS yet however, it can be downloaded on Android devices.

Source: Nottingham Post