Is the Mnangagwa twitter handle a sick joke?

President Emmerson Mnangagwa
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Zimbabweans who have been following a twitter handle in the name of former Vice-President Emmerson Mnangagwa, which was the only source of news about the exiled politician woke up to a rude awakening this morning with “breaking news” that “I am sorry guys, I am not ED”.

The handle whose followers had more than doubled from just over 4 000 to 8 467 within a week said: “I created this parody specifically to annoy @ProfJNMoyo but lately twimbos started taking the handle too seriously so today I’ve blown my cover by tweeting erratically.

“Again I’m sorry, feel free to unfollow. I’ll be closing handle soon.”

But that was not before the character had another prank on the G40 faction of th Zimbabwe African National Union-Patriotic Front which is now ruling the roost.

“If it’s not Mugabe, who in this gang of four is really running the animal that is G40?

“Reply “Musorobhangu” for @ProfJNMoyo

“Reply “Chimbwasungata” for @Hon_Kasukuwere

“Reply “Tambodzemagetsi” for Dr Amai

“Reply “Dhiziri paChinhoyi” for Sekeramayi”

Higher Education Minister Jonathan Moyo responded on his page: “Like your fugitive boss, you’ve ended up annoying the people!”

Most of the news stories attributed to Mnangagwa since his expulsion like that he was safe, he had fled assassination threats and that he is coming back to restore order in ZANU-PF and the government, were posted on the twitter handle.