Google says Mnangagwa now more popular than Tsvangirai

Movement for Democratic Change leader Morgan Tsvangirai and Zimbabwe President Emmerson Mnangagwa
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THE world’s largest networking giant’s data shows that Emmerson Mnangagwa is now more popular than Morgan Tsvangirai principally at search value.

The data report spanning over 13 years, is the same that was used in the accurate prediction of Mnangagwa’s rising popularity 2 months before the clean sweep silent coup in November last month (CLICK HERE TO READ MORE)On the 28th September 2017 ZimEye carried out the feature titled Mnangagwa has taken over Zimbabwe and Karangas will now rescue the nation from Mugabe’s claws.

The latest records show that Mnangagwa albeit being particularly popular in African nations, as Tsvangirai remains dominating in western nations, is now the most sought after person particularly in the events of the last 2 months.

Does this mean Mnangagwa will win the upcoming 2018 elections? It remains to be seen if the stats are a firm reflection of what may happen in a real election, and if they depict true inner allegiance and trust, but the Google data has before accurately predicted Mnangagwa social win over his former boss Robert Mugabe.

Google is playing a historic role in predicting how a future Zimbabwe will be, as reveals. A point to note is how accurate the Google stats are as seen in the fact that the Karanga’s popularity dropped sharply when Mnangagwa was kicked out of the succession race way back in 2004 and his nemesis Joice Mujuru was appointed in his place. On that day, the Karanga’s popularity fell like a thud to way below the Zezuru’s.