Dandemutande, Facebook in Wi-Fi hotspot deal

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WHOLLY Zimbabwean information communication technology (ICT) solutions provider, Dandemutande Investments, has collaborated with Facebook to launch Wi-Fi connectivity services in Zimbabwe.

Codenamed “Express Wi-Fi by Facebook” the wi-fi hotspot service, will enable Dandemutande to deliver internet connectivity through Facebook’s feature-rich Wi-Fi management platform that includes online voucher purchases, network optimisation and management amongst others.

The service will deliver internet connectivity to cities and towns around the country, facilitating flawless communication channels and entertainment to individuals.

Dandemutande has already started deploying the service across the country.

The world has become a digital workplace driven by fast and reliable connectivity, according to Dandemutande, and Facebook Connectivity’s Express Wi-Fi platform will allow people to connect to Wi-Fi on a wide range of phones, computers and other smart devices.

Speaking at the launch event in Harare, Dandemutande chief executive officer Mr Never Ncube said the venture resonated with the ICT company’s aim to be a distinguished ICT solutions partner.

“We are proud to have partnered with an innovative company such as Facebook on an initiative that further enhances our vision as an organisation to be a leading ICT Solutions partner locally and in the region.

“The enhanced use of digital platforms worldwide has made internet connectivity a number one priority, hence the need for Express Wi-Fi across the country”, said Mr Ncube.

The initiative gives people access to fast, affordable, and reliable internet, allowing individuals to make internet connections, download their preferred applications and stream various entertainment channels.

The Express Wi-Fi initiative was designed by Facebook to stimulate the number of internet users globally.

The service seeks to help internet service providers and mobile network operators to provide Wi-Fi to those who are under-connected.

Express Wi-Fi currently operates in more than 30 countries, including Brazil, India, Indonesia, Nepal, Ghana, South Africa and Nigeria, helping millions of people connect to fast, affordable, and reliable Wi-Fi every month.

Dandemutande has evolved into a converged ICT solutions provider with expertise in enterprise connectivity solutions that enable businesses to connect flawlessly also with capacity to offer enterprise wi-fi to all sectors including agriculture, mining, banking, construction among other sectors.

The telecommunications company has been an internet service provider since 1997, a period under which it has become the third-largest internet provider in the country after Liquid and Telone, according to the POTRAZ report.

Last year the company set up the first public data cloud centre in the country as the company moves to align its infrastructure to match the needs of the fourth industrial revolution.