Cassava HealthTech launches Maisha Medik digital health platform

Denver Phiri
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Cassava HealthTech has launched the Maisha Medik digital health platform that will be accessible through a mobile application (app) that is set to enhance Zimbabwe’s healthcare delivery sector.

Cassava HealthTech, a subsidiary of Zimbabwe Stock Exchange-listed fintech and digital services giant Cassava Smartech Zimbabwe, operates Maisha Health, MARS and Steward Health.

The Maisha Medik digital platform will help connect patients, doctors, health insurance companies and health services institutions, all through a mobile app, which will allow for secure and easy information sharing, storing of health records, as well as scheduling of medical appointments to facilitate efficient health service delivery.

Cassava HealthTech chief operations officer, Denver Phiri said: “We are introducing the platform to enhance health service delivery in Zimbabwe. It will bring convenience to patients, health service providers and health practitioners and allow them to securely share health-related information.”

The app, which has been welcomed by medical practitioners, pharmacists and other healthcare services delivery players, can be accessed from Google Play store and from the Apple App Store.

Cletos Masiya (MD), the chief medical officer at Rapha Healthcare Systems, hailed the Maisha Medik App as an answer to their past telemedicine challenges.

“As Rapha Healthcare, we looked for a telemedicine solution and have found the Maisha Medik app. The mobile platform is low-cost and easy to operate, with a wide potential clientele base. The Maisha Medik app has beautiful analytics, which I found incredibly simple to use,” said Masiya.

The Maisha Medik digital health platform will enable patients to book appointments with their doctor from their home, office or wherever they may be.

Patients will also be able to access their laboratory and diagnostic imaging results, while healthcare practitioners will be able to manage their patients’ appointments, view patients’ medical records and be able to make e-prescriptions or even do medical referrals.

Lazarus Kajawu, a clinical psychologist, said the introduction of the Maisha Medik digital health platform was a much-needed innovation.

“The introduction of the Maisha Medik App is a much-needed innovation, with many of our clients suffering from mental health issues due to a multitude of stress-related issues – including the global outbreak of the COVID -19 coronavirus, which for now has no cure,” said Kajawu.

“Maisha Medik will become a handy application connecting the needy client with their therapist timeously and safely, for counselling through telepsychiatry,” the clinical psychologist said.

Health service providers such as medical laboratories, imaging centres, clinics, and pharmacies will be able to use the Maisha Medik digital health platform to load, store or process customer information, such as test results and prescribed drugs securely.

Marlon Nyakabau, the head of Maisha Health, said the platform would enhance health service delivery at a time physical movement has been restricted because of the COVID-19 pandemic.

“Because the platform is digital, it will help Zimbabweans access healthcare service providers quickly, while eliminating paperwork in the clinical process. The use of telemedicine through remote consultation will certainly help decongest health centres and minimize the spread of COVID-19,” said Nyakabau.