Cassava Fintech unveils voice and video conferencing service platform

Cassava Fintech announces release of a voice and video conferencing service
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CASSAVA Fintech International (CFI), a subsidiary of Econet Global, has announced the release of ‘Sasai TeamTalk’, a voice and video conferencing service that takes up to 20 people on one call.

The service, coming at a time many countries have imposed restrictions on movement to curb the spread of the COVID-19 Coronavirus, will be available through Sasai, the all-in-one App from Cassava Fintech, that allows users to chat, pay and explore a vast range of services and content.

Darlington Mandivenga, the CEO of Cassava Fintech International, said, “We believe the timing of this mobile conferencing service could not have been more appropriate.”

He said Sasai TeamTalk will offer free voice and video conference service, with secure end-to-end encryption, that connects up to 20 people on a single call, compared to other social media platforms that offer between five and eight people on a conference call.

Sasai was launched in August 2019 and is already being used in 180 countries across the globe, including every African country. The App offers a unique in-app language translator service with over 80 languages, 50 of which are African languages.

The Sasai super App – which can take up to 250 people in a chat group – already brings families closer by allowing international remittances from the United Kingdom, European Union and South Africa to over 30 countries across the world at the lowest fees available.

To access and instantly use Sasai TeamTalk, download the Sasai super App on the Google Play store or the Apple App Store, start a chat and simply click on the voice or video camera icon.

Users of Sasai TeamTalk can, among other things, swap between the front and rear-facing camera, mute the call and of course, end the call when they are done, by tapping the red phone button.

Sasai Chief Operating Officer, Tapera Mushoriwa, said: “The Sasai TeamTalk feature was developed to address a critical need in the market. It sits in the all-in-one super App to provide users with efficient data usage compared to the use of separate, multiple apps.’’

Mushoriwa said Sasai would be adding more features to TeamTalk in the coming weeks.