Zimbabwean fashion designer launches new collection in UK

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United Kingdom-based designer Yvonne Gambe Ndava, who was crowned the Best Fashion Designer in the North West of England last year, has launched her 2017 Bow collection.

United Kingdom-based designer Yvonne Gambe Ndava

The Zimbabwe-born designer, whose label is called Yvonne Yvette (YY), told the Daily News that her just-released collection was motivated by her desire to demonstrate that “elegance is not complicated.”

“The ready-to-wear Bow collection was inspired by our desire to prove to the world that; for a lady to look elegant there is   no complicated process required at all,” said Ndava.

She added that the fresh designs showcase the beauty of simplicity.

“We chose a simple and very common fashion accessory to make a collection of not-so –simple-looking dresses/outfits that can be worn by 10 different women on the same day and yet all not look like they are dressing alike at all,” said the Yvonne Yvette brand creator.

The ambitious designer, who is based in an English Town called Gerrards Cross, is a town attributes the uniqueness of her designs to her African origins and her European experiences.

United Kingdom-based designer Yvonne Gambe Ndava

“I proclaim that the marvellous results of my work come from the pride I have of my life experiences, from growing up in the humble yet fashionable streets of Africa to living in bustling and trendy Europe in my adult life.

“The exposure to the fashion aspects from both extremes of the world allows me to make a double impact on the fashion scene. In particular, it allows me to innovatively fuse African print fabrics with fabrics from all corners of the world to create world class designs,” said Ndava.

Though she takes pride in her African heritage, the award-winning designer wants her designs to appeal to all nationalities.

“I still get clients from all walks of life. I have decided not to stick to African print-based designs alone because of the mixed nature of my clientele.

“I get orders for prom dresses from teens, ball gown and wedding dress orders from ladies in a wide range of ages. My clientele is also international and multiracial,” she told the Daily News.

Encouraged by the “ever-increasing “sales of her outfits, Ndava recently decided to concentrate on her fashion enterprise full time.

“I left my full-time job as a payments processing supervisor in February so that I could do fashion designing full time as I am very passionate about it

“I have got more freedom now. I can work on my customers’ requests and still get a lot more time to be experimental, to be more innovative with my creations and try things out before showcasing,” she said. Daily News