Neymar Jr to drop new fragrance with Diesel

he "courageous" Naymar Jr. Picture: Supplied.
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Diesel Fragrances has teamed up with Brazilian football star Neymar Jr and are set to drop a new fragrance in May next year.
The collaboration reflects Diesel Fragrances’ vision of modern masculinity  and bravery. It’s also a testimony to Neymar Jr.’s incredible journey, from  his childhood days playing football in the poor neighborhood of Jardim  Glória, at Praia Grande, to his rise to global fame.
If there’s one person  who knows what it takes to make it, it’s Neymar Jr.
You are the face of Spirit of the Brave. What does the word “bravery” mean to you?
I consider myself “courageous”. I wake up every day of my life thinking about winning, about fighting a good fight. Sometimes the adversities are many, the life of a professional athlete at my level is filled with obstacles. But I don’t give up, I know what I can achieve and I help my teammates.  It’s like that in my personal life as well. I cannot give up, there are many people rooting for me and that drives me on.

The new Diesel Fragrance ft Naymar Jr. Picture: Supplied. 

You were quite involved in the creation of the new fragrance. How did you work with Diesel Fragrance on this project?
I became very excited with the project since the first time they showed it to me. I took part in the most important decisions, mainly the choice of fragrance since it had to be related to what I like. And it was all very well done, I am happy and I hope to make other people happy with the final product.
Did you have an idea what you wanted Spirit of the Brave to smell like?
I did not know exactly what, but I knew it had to do with me. It had to be a daring fragrance…[laughter] I wanted a fragrance that is both fresh and elegant, to give me energy and confidence in every moment of my life. 
Are there some specific aromas that make you feel good? That bring you specific memories? Some aromas that take you back to your childhood in Brazil?
The smell of a plate with rice, beans, beef and fried potatoes … [laughter]. That really moves me, it takes me back to Brazil, a meal with the family…

The “courageous” Naymar Jr. Picture: Supplied. 
The packaging of the fragrance is black and gold. What does that convey to you? Why did you select this association? 
Because it conveys strength and sophistication. Confidence and bravery.
You have a sense of style and fashion. Do you think it is important to stand out? 
I love fashion. I think it is important to always be well dressed. The way we dress says a lot about who we are. Standing out is a consequence.
Do you have a ritual before you go out on the field? 
Before every game I speak with my father and we pray together. We have been doing this since the start of my career, while I was still in the minor leagues. And I listen to a lot of music! 

Neymar Jr. Picture: Supplied. 
How important are the fans to you? What do you think they expect from you? Can you learn something from them? How to you maintain contact with them? 
The fans are very important to me. They give me strength, confidence, they sustain me with their love so that I can maintain my will to win. The way I express myself on the social networks is one way of maintaining contact with them. They are always very curious to know everything that happens in my life on and off the field. But the best form of contact I maintain with them is by scoring a goal or winning a title. There’s a lot of energy involved!
The full campaign, starring Neymar Jr. in a playful mood, will debut on May 19.