Zimbabwean football fan stabbed as street debate over Arsenal turns violent

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BEITBRIDGE – What started as a casual street chat over English football giants, Arsenal’s performance ended in a near death experience for a Beitbridge soccer fan who was stabbed with a knife by a colleague.

For the crime, Meluleki Ndlovu, 40, appeared before a Beitbridge magistrate facing attempted murder charges.

According to a statement by the National Prosecuting Authority (NPA), the incident happened in the border town on 9 April 2024 when Ndlovu came across the complainant, who was returning from a brother’s home.

The two engaged in a casual debate over English football, touching on how Arsenal was performing in the popular football league.

“They started to have a discussion about soccer which was mainly focused on Arsenal Football Club’s performance,” NPA said.

“The disagreement escalated and the accused person allegedly stabbed the complainant on the stomach with a knife before fleeing the scene.

“The NPAZ would like to encourage members of the public to use peaceful means to resolve conflict and desist from resorting to violence.”

The matter was remanded to 26 April 2024.

It is however not the first fatal incident triggered by debate on English football in Zimbabwe inside a month.

In March this year, Edmore Mhike from Zhombe was stoned to death by his own brother after a debate over a league clash between English giants Liverpool and Manchester City turned deathly. – ZimLive