Chiyangwa faces graft probe

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Former Zifa accountant Fabian Venganayi has written to the Zimbabwe Anti-Corruption Commission (Zaac), urging the anti-graft body to investigate the local football governing body’s president Philip Chiyangwa over alleged corrupt activities.


Venganayi recently wrote to Zaac accusing Chiyangwa of involvement in acts of “corruption, fraud, misappropriation, abuse of power, misconduct and lack of good corporate governance” during his tenure as the Zifa boss.

In the letter of complaint in possession of Standardsport, dated November 21 and also copied to Chiyangwa, Venganayi alleged that the Harare businessman has been engaging in “corrupt and fraudulent disposal of Zifa assets”

Chiyangwa also stands accused of “fraudulent and unorthodox removal of Zifa assets from the Zifa financial accounts.”

The accusations by the ex-Zifa employee come after Standarsport recently exposed how Zifa was allegedly being stripped of its assets by Chiyangwa and his associates as it emerged that the properties are now in the name of his associates.

Court documents seen by Standardsport revealed that Chiyangwa and some Zifa executive members had been shielding assets and funds from creditors by moving them to private entities and business accounts.

The reportage has attracted a threat of litigation by Chiyangwa.

However, the latest allegations by Venganayi painted another gloomy picture of the operations at the local football governing body.

Venganayi alleged that Chiyangwa had “corrupt and fraudulently changed members of the board of trustees for the Zifa (Pvt) Ltd, a Zifa Subsidiary”.

Zifa (Pvt) Ltd, a subsidiary company was formed in 1982 to protect the fixed assets of the local football governing body.

One of the individuals, who was recently made a member of Zifa (Pvt) Ltd’s board of trustees, is one Marshal Jonga who is an employee of Pinnacle Properties, a company owned by Chiyangwa.

Jonga is also listed as a director at Hansporte Investment — a company, which has commercial deals with Zifa and operates from 160 Enterprise Road, Highlands, Harare — offices owned by the Zifa president and are currently used by the association as its headquarters.

Venganayi also made stunning allegations that Chiyangwa had bribed former Sports minister Makhosini Hlongwane after “corruptly giving (him) land in Harare South and household furniture to influence events at Zifa.”

Chiyangwa is also accused of using dirty tricks to win the elections that ushered him into office in December 2015, alleging that he bribed the Zifa councillors who make up the electoral college.

Other accusations made against Chiyangwa in the damning letter of complaint to Zaac include:
lWinning the December 5 2015 Zifa elections through corruption and coercion by using former first lady Grace Mugabe’s name, bribing and accommodating Zifa councillors at luxurious hotels.

lMisconduct, abuse of power and lack of good corporate governance, unorthodox and ruthless treatment of Zifa corporate creditors and former employees.

lMisconduct and abuse of power by transferring Zifa funds from Zifa bank accounts to bank accounts of close associates.

lMisconduct and abuse of power by failure to release to the public the 2015 and 2016 audited financial accounts in b
reach of the Sports and Recreation Commission (SRC), Zifa and Fifa statutes.

lMisconduct by failure to call for the 2017 annual general meeting in accordance with SRC, Fifa and Zifa statutes.

Venganayi also alleged that Chiyangwa was engaging in “corrupt and abuse of power by collecting monthly rentals approximating to $10 000 from Zifa for the use of Pinnacle offices at 160 Enterprise Road yet Zifa owns offices at Zifa House, 53 Livingstone Avenue in Harare.”

After assuming the Zifa presidency, Chiyangwa moved the association from its headquarters in the city centre to his private premises at 160 Enterprise Road, Highlands, and Harare — in violation of Fifa statutes.

In addition to paying rentals to its president, Zifa is also allegedly leasing office furniture from Hansporte Investment — a private company whose directors have close links with Chiyangwa. – The Standard