Caps United donor speaks on team bus used to ferry grain

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CAPS United bus donor Nyasha Mushekwi has for the first time spoken about pictures of  CAPS officials seen loading 50kg sacks of maize in the boot of the bus.

The club received the luxury coach last year from their former player Nyasha Mushekwi as a token of appreciation to the club’s contribution in shaping his career but only started using it in February after finishing all the paperwork with Zimra.

Soccer publication Kick Off has reported that Mushekwi told one  Yvonne Mangunda on Instagram Live that it’s not his decision how the bus is used.

“Many people have asked about my thoughts regarding that picture, but I told them it’s not my bus. They can use it in whatever they want, even putting pigs underneath,” he is quoted saying.

“It’s up to them, not me and at the end of the day they know what’s best for their bus. CAPS United has existed for many years, who am I to tell them how to run something because I donated it.

“I believe if you give something to someone, it’s not your business to monitor how they are using it.”

Source – Byo24News/Kick Off