Prophets fail to capture mysterious snake

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The ability of prophets to deal with supernatural problems afflicting individuals or communities was this Sunday put to the test after leaders of the Zion Church’s mission to remove a mysterious snake from Garanyemba dam in Gwanda failed after a 3-hour search.

Villagers of ward 13 believe the snake has been the cause of some of the misfortunes that have befallen the community.

The snake is allegedly behind the death of some villagers who have drowned under mysterious circumstances.

Livestock that drink from the water sources often times experience miscarriages, claim some villagers.

After consultations with Chief Nhlamba and the local traditional leadership, the community of Garanyemba sought the services of Prophet Moyo of the Zion Church.

The assurance by the prophet to deal with the problem once and for all saw scores of people flocking to the dam to witness the miracle.
After performing several rituals, the search for the troublesome reptile began.

A mirror was occasionally used by the prophets to try and locate the snake.

After a three hour long search, the church elders emerged from the water with no snake in sight.

Prophet Moyo conceded that the task at hand was not as easy as they had envisaged, promising to make a second attempt this Wednesday. – ZBC