Prophet claims witchcraft is behind Chiwenga illness

Alph Lukau
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HARARE – A prominent South African prophet, Alph Lukau says witchcraft is behind the deteriorating health of Vice President Constantino Chiwenga, raising fears that the Zanu PF infighting might have taken a new twist.

Lukau made the prophecy at his Sandton church Alleluia Ministries International on Sunday after praying for a woman in the congregation who claimed to be Chiwenga’s niece.

“The situation with your uncle right now is not natural, that’s why no matter how doctors are trying to look, they are not finding satisfactory results.

“They do not really know what is happening because this is witchcraft.

“I am saying this with respect and understanding the sensitivity of what is happening because this is the vice president of a nation but I’m telling you, your uncle stepped on the tail of a lion,” he said.

Chiwenga is currently admitted at a top South African hospital where he is said to be in bad shape.

He was the face of the November 2017 army’s operation Restore Legacy that led to the dramatic ouster of then president Robert Mugabe, who was replaced by his long term confidante-turned-foe Emmerson Mnangagwa.

Mnangagwa went on to appoint Chiwenga, who was the commander of the Zimbabwe Defence Forces, as one of his two deputies.

During the prophecy, Lukau described Chiwenga’s critical condition which the woman confirmed.

“His body is swollen, you may lose your uncle, the vice president of Zimbabwe.

“I can even see him, he is like bleaching, he is losing his colour and right now he is critical,” he told the crying niece.

Chiwenga’s health has been a closely-guarded secret but the public has been scrutinising his changing skin colour and swollen hands which they spotted at gatherings.

Lukau said if Chiwenga does not accept the prophecy, he will die.

“I’m not just saying this but there will be bad news if the family does not pray.

“Tell your uncle that the Lord has spoken about him and if he believes he will be healed,” he told the woman.

“If he does not open up, we will meet in heaven because the greatest obstacle is himself,” Lukau added.

The South African prophet urged Zimbabweans to pray against witchcraft as its level has increased in the country.

He said everyone in the country should find a good Bible-believing church and commit themselves.

“Right now there is spiritual warfare in the atmosphere as not seen before happening in Zimbabwe,” he said before raising his congregates to pray for Chiwenga and the country.