Pro-Zanu-PF cleric attacks Shingi Munyeza

Obadiah Musindo
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ZANU-PF-ALIGNED cleric and Destiny for Afrika Network founder Obadiah Musindo has blasted clergyman and President Emmerson Mnangagwa advisor Shingi Munyeza, accusing him of washing dirty linen in public while he has the opportunity to engage him.

This comes after Munyeza predicted the fall of Mnangagwa in one of his sermons.
However, Musindo said Munyeza is out of order because he can easily engage Mnangagwa.

“How can a man of God do that? Preachers were called to spread the message of love. He can engage the president and advise him without going on social media calling the president all evil words, demonising him.

“I think he must not turn his personal hatred of Mnangagwa into prophecy. We have many prophets in this country who talk things that are contributing to the development of our country … We are tired as a country of the so-called men of God who want to seek popularity through saying bad things about our country.

Recently, Munyeza predicted the fall Mnangagwa’s government.

“Enough is enough. The occult cannot continue to subject and abuse and oppress us as a people anymore because God wants to deliver us as a nation. At a national level, Zimbabwe has been ruled by a toxic and oppressive political system.

“They don’t think that the day will end so they continue forward to self-destroy. We gonna see this in our time, even in our very nation. We gonna see the brutality, agents of darkness, the agents of strongholds, of brutality falling one by one. This is what God said. They are gonna start falling one by one,” said Munyeza.

Source – dailynews