Malawian dodgy prophet Bushiri buys under-aged child $100K Mesrati for birthday

A lavante Mesrati worth over R1,5-million bought by Prophet Shepherd Bushiri for an under-aged child in his family. Photo: Facebook Photo
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JOHANNESBURG – Malawian Prophet Shepherd Bushiri is at it again.

Bushiri has taken to social media to show a top of the range Maserati Levante worth R1.5-million as a birthday present for an under-aged child in his family.

The prophet last week was reported to be charging congregants R25,000 to sit next to him at a gala dinner.

Users on social media were stunned by the prophet’s post.

“I always count myself blessed during this time of the year because I get the honor to celebrate, not only one but two God-given gifts in my life,” reads the post.