Huts burnt in fight over Church shrine

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Some 31 huts were burnt at Guta RaJehovah Church in Zvimba in a feud over control of a temple and shrine.

Congregants woke up to clashes on Christmas day as rival members reportedly attacked each other over the right to use the temple.

The clashes ended with 31 huts at the shrine being burnt.

A court order was in 2014 issued, granting the rival parties permission to use the temple and shrine alternatively at prescribed times.

A representative of Guta RaJehova, Francis Rukuni and a representative of Guta RaJehovah church in Zimbabwe spoke on the feud and the skirmishes.

The shrine is considered sacred with another member of the rival groups claiming one can only enter the supposed holy place after confessing their sins.

Within the shrine lies the body of the founder of the church, Amai Chaza who is said to be an embodiment of purity.

Police have since visited the church premises to investigate the fracas.

No human injuries were recorded.