Congregant raped, forced to drink Prophet’s urine

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BUHERA – In a shocking incident, a self-styled Johanne Masowe Wechishanu prophet recently raped a congregant at Mutsondiwa Village in Buhera, washed his manhood in a cup and then forced the woman to drink the dirty water as part of a cleansing process.

Rusape Magistrate, Livingstone Chipadze was further told that Robson Nyombe (39) also urinated into the cup from where he had washed his organ and then told the complainant to wash her vagina with the same water before instructing her to drink it.

The matter was heard on Friday last week. The incident happened at Obert Zenda’s homestead in Mutsondiwa Village, under Chief Makumbe, Buhera.

Nyombe refuted the allegations but was found guilty as charged after it was discovered that he had also lied about his name by calling himself Farai Chinamhora. Magistrate Chipadze had to postpone ruling to tomorrow (September 15,2017) after Police brought fresh details that the accused lied about both his name and age as records with the court indicated that he was 70.

It is the State case that Nyombe who is from Chinamhora Village under Chief Chinamhora’s area in Domboshawa went to Chief Makumbe’s area where he introduced himself as Chinamhora aged 70. Tirivanhu Mutyasira prosecuted.

On August 11, 2017 the accused arrived at Johane Masowe Wechishanu shrine and introduced himself as a prophet from Domboshava. He said he was moving around the country praying for people. He started prophesying and conducting prayers for congregants.

The complainant who was one of the congregants was told that she had bad spirits and then ordered to come to Obert Zenda’s homestead where the prophet was staying for cleansing.

On August 12, 2017 she came and was told to go back home and bring sand, water and some ashes from her fire place. At around 9pm on that same day she joined other congregants at Zenda’s homestead for prayers and was asked to follow the prophet for about 50 meters from the homestead.

Nyombe instructed the complainant to remove her garments up to the waist level and she complied and he sprinkled water into the complainant’s vagina as she knelt down.

He then asked the complainant to stand up and he fondled her breasts. He asked the complainant to bend and touch her ankles and that is when Nyombe went behind her and raped her from the back.

He then pulled out his manhood and washed it with the water which was in the cup held by the complainant. He urinated inside the cup and forced the complainant to wash her vagina with the same water and then to drink it.

After a while Nyombe ordered the complainant to bend down and he raped the complainant from the back again. He then told the complainant not to reveal the rape to anyone.

The complainant revealed her ordeal to her daughter-in-law who then advised her to report to the Police. A report was made on August 14, 2017 leading to the accused’s arrest. – Masvingo Mirror