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Bishop Mutendi Urges Opposition To Accept Defeat

Nehemiah Mutendi
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The leader of the Zimbabwe Christian Church, Bishop Nehemiah Mutendi has implored politicians to accept results of the recently held elections and put their differences aside and work together for the good of the country.

Speaking at Defe Dopota, Gokwe, on the sidelines of the church’s annual conference, Bishop Mutendi said politicians should behave in a mature manner and ensure that Zimbabwe gets back to business.

“Those that are not happy with the results of the elections, there are rules to follow, there is the Constitution to guide us, there are courts to decide but we want it quickly over so that Zimbabwe gets to rebuilding the country,” said the Bishop.

He said politicians should come to their senses and unite for the good of the country.

“This has been the most peaceful elections that the country has ever witnessed, probably the most peaceful in Africa, until results started coming in.

“We regret the loss of life caused by unnecessary quarrels. We know Zimbabwe was founded on the loss of blood but to die for a seat in Parliament is different from dying for the country. People died because ‘I was cheated’, that is not a hero’s death. That is uncalled for, we pray that the politicians do their work.

“They know their game, the game has rules, the Constitution is there, everything is on the ground. Why quarrel, the quarrelling that is going on, besides causing death to our people, it is delaying progress. When is business going to start and when is talking going to stop?”

On the way forward for the nation, he said: “This nation must come to its senses. Whoever wants to build Zimbabwe, if it were me, I would include all of them. One political party cannot build a big Zimbabwe.”

He said as a church they will continue to pray for peace because where there is no peace we cannot work. “We are advising our congregants to speak peace, they belong to different political groups, so we send the message of peace, hard work.”

He commended President-elect Emmerson Mnangagwa for the maturity he has shown in this election. “He should have left politics a long time ago. He lost several times in Kwekwe but he didn’t call it quits or to cry foul over that. Those are the mature kind of people that we need.”

The annual conference, a gathering of over a hundred thousand people drawn from across the country, region and global ZCC community, started on Friday and will run until today. Tomorrow the congregants, some who started arriving here as early as Monday, will return to their bases.

In a sermon to the church, Bishop Mutendi said this year’s conference is significant as it coincides with the 42nd anniversary of the passing on of Samuel Mutendi, the church’s founder.

Yesterday’s service was attended by recently elected Members of Parliament, Davis Mharapira (Masvingo North) and Joshua Sacco (Chimanimani East).