Apr Prophet attempts suicide over sex

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IN a rather comical but disturbing incident, a married prophet with an apostolic sect in Binga allegedly attempted to commit suicide by taking  cotton pesticide in shame after his lover denied him sex.

It is reported that Noah Marufu who was conducting his healing sessions in Nevana Village under Chief Nemangwe in Gokwe tried to take his life after his lover Sekai Mugare denied him a chance to have a feel of her flesh.

Sekai reportedly denied Marufu the path to the greater pleasure saying it was not proper for them to have sex before he paid lobola and met his parents.

But Marufu, who apparently believed that sex would keep the spark in their romantic relationship, couldn’t stomach Sekai’s proposal before he reportedly took a bottle of cotton pesticide in a bid to end his life.

Chief Nemangwe who confirmed the incident said Marufu was saved by one of his church mates Pride Chijaka who busted him while praying in the bush before he downed the cotton pesticide.

After busting him, Chijaka persuaded him to stop the cowardly act before he advised him to go to Chief Nemangwe and register his grievances.

After meeting Chief Nemangwe, Marufu explained that he wanted to take his own life because Sekai had reneged on a promise to marry him before demanding $1 500 as seduction damages.

“What happened is that Marufu who comes from Binga visited Nevana Village to conduct his healing sessions and was accommodated by Sekai’s parents where he later proposed love to their daughter (Sekai).

“After weeks of dating Marufu decided to take their relationship to another level when he asked for sex from Sekai who turned down the request,” said Chief Nemangwe.

Sekai is alleged to have turned down Marufu’s demands saying she would only allow him access after he paid lobola and met his parents in Binga.

“After that Marufu in a bid to seduce Sekai sold one of his beasts which he had been paid by one of his clients. When he tried to pay part of the bride price Sekai refused saying they should first meet his parents and Marufu who knew he was married could not stomach the idea and decided to take his own life by downing cotton pesticide.

“He was later rescued by Pride (Chijaka) who found him praying in a bush before taking the pesticide,” said Chief Nemangwe.

After being rescued Marufu visited Chief Nemangwe’s traditional court where he sought compensation of $1 500 from Sekai and her parents for breach of promise to marry him.

Added Chief Nemangwe: “Marufu demanded compensation for the time he claimed Sekai wasted for him while also shutting out rival suitors. He said he was prepared to drop the lawsuit if Sekai changes her mind and marries him.”

Chief Nemangwe, however, dismissed Marufu’s application on the grounds that he was just bitter after Sekai turned down his request of having sex with him and paying lobola before she meets his parents in Binga.