Woman goes on binge-drink after hubby’s death

Woman posing with several beer glasses
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IT’S party time!

When Lydia Murawa’s husband Calisto Moyo passed away the funeral presented a party atmosphere for her.

Mourners at Muwandiri Village in Chivi got the shock of their life when she went for a beer binge with friends and returned in a terrible state as she sang and danced entertaining mourners.

A reliable source close to the family told B-Metro that Moyo had been bedridden for sometime before he succumbed. Nonetheless, her actions were shocking.

“People were really confused as some were of the opinion that she had for a long time expected that (death) and others concluded that she was too hurt and could not shed a tear,” said the family member.

Upon investigations, her in-laws discovered that she had used money from her burial society for the drinking spree.

“The mourners including her family failed to control her when she returned drunk as she was vocal telling them to leave her alone because she was mourning her husband,” said the source.

When Murawa was contacted for comment, she said she was not drunk, but only drank beer to deal with stress.

“People from my burial society club wanted to give me money so since they did not have cash, we had to go to the shops to buy a few things and since I was stressed I decided to drink some beer.

“When I returned home I just joined in singing and dancing as I was also mourning my husband,” she said.

However, the Moyo spokesperson Derrick Moyo said they were not pleased with their daughter-in-law’s behaviour at the funeral gathering and she will be fined.

“The family is yet to meet and discuss what transpired at my brother’s funeral. Murora will be fined for disrespecting elders,” he said.