Woman claims she can make any man fall in love with her and says you can too, here’s how

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Where love is concerned, different formulas help people get the love they deserve or be noticed by those they are into. While others struggle to find their match, some never struggle to find love – love chases them.

Relationship coach Karla Elia shared on TikTok that she does not have to do much for men to fall in love with her. “They would always want marriage or something super serious with me,” she revealed in a video that has been viewed over seven million times.

Karla says her simple secret is: Never obsess over any man; instead, be obsessed with yourself.

“I know I am not the prettiest or the sexiest, but every man I would encounter or spend time with would fall deeply in love with me. And here is my secret: I stayed true to myself. I stayed feminine. I stayed kind, and I was always the standard,” the relationship coach says.

It sounds so easy.

“This is why I encourage people to protect what they see, what they hear, and what they feed their mind because everything we absorb is noticed through our aura, aka [also known as] our presence. Mind you, I don’t ever have to flirt with any man for them to fall in love with me.

“I don’t even do it on purpose, but I will say that masculine men love very feminine women that know their worth, and men are obsessed with women that respect themselves. And that is what I mean by setting the standard. I’ve always set the standard for every man in my life.”

Karla claims her secret is so effective that, after dating her, men say they can’t find another woman like her.

Source: W24