‘Wife ordered hubby to sleep with mum’ – Court heard

Manfred Nhemachena and Beatrice Marabwa
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THE story of a man who was being seduced by his mother-in-law has taken a new twist as he claims his wife not only knew about her mother’s antics, but was actually encouraging him to have sex with her in order for them to get rich.  

Manfred Nhemachena recently left many people disconcerted after he sensationally claimed that his estranged wife’s mother Beatrice Marabwa allegedly demanded to have sex with him because her husband was sexually starving her. 

This was revealed at the Bulawayo Civil Court where his estranged wife, Tariro Nhemachena, had sought a protection order against him claiming he was abusing her.

Manfred and Tariro got married on 10 April 2010 and were blessed with a four-year-old son. Their marriage is still subsisting but they are now living separately.

B-Metro tracked Manfred to Nyamandlovu for more details of what was transpiring in his home and he spilled more beans than expected. He claims his wife wanted him to poke her mother!

“It was not only traumatising but shameful, I have since lost my respect for her and I can no longer look at her the same way. Thank God I didn’t give into her devilish demands,” said Manfred.

“I started noticing something unusual in 2015 when she came and briefly stayed with us. I definitely didn’t have problem with that until she started demanding to sleep in my matrimonial bedroom. 

“When I asked her why she wanted to join us in our bedroom she said her husband (his father in-law) was no longer sleeping with her”.

Shocked by his mother-in-law’s candidness, Manfred suggested that she go and see his relatives.

She reportedly rubbished the idea saying she was going to forcibly sleep with him in his matrimonial bedroom.

“Living true to her demands she moved into our matrimonial bedroom and out of fear I moved to another spare bedroom.

“The following day while dressed skimpily, she followed me to the spare bedroom where she found me sleeping and she tenderly sat on my legs. From that day she was the one who was now preparing breakfast and supper for me and ironing my clothes”. 

Manfred said he was also disturbed seeing his mother in-law’s private parts.

“What was also happening was that when I came home late, she was the one who was always opening the door for me and she would be in a see-through night dress exposing all her vital parts.”

When he told his wife about her mother’s taboo demands and seduction moves, Manfield said he was shocked by her response.

Tariro Nhemachena

“Her response to me was “yes, it is true that there are no longer sleeping together and once you sleep with her, we are rich’.”

He added: “I was appalled after I got that response, so appalled that I decided enough is enough and moved out of the house.”

He said all efforts to engage his father-in-law and relatives were also futile.

“I tried to talk to her relatives, but she shouted at them when they tried to reprimand her. I ended up going to Mvuma to her husband, who is also my father- in-law, and he refused to help me,” said Manfred adding that his mother-in-law also threatened him with death as punishment for reporting her to her relatives.

Manfred also claimed when he started having problems with his wife after he refused to bow down to her sex demands, his mother-in-law forcibly took his property including amusement park rides he bought from China, residential stand and some household property.

When reached for comment the mother-in-law, Beatrice Marabwa, who is an elder at Jehovah’s Witnesses refuted the claims while accusing Manfred of having a deceitful character.

“This is a long story why don’t you come to Mvuma so that we talk. He is lying and is after tarnishing my image as a Christian. He is a snake. I am 72-years-old and can’t do that to my son-in law. Moreover, we are a rich and educated family. That man was after our wealth. We have everything in life,” she bragged.

She threatened this reporter with unspecified action if the story is published.

“You will see what will happen to you if ever that story is published in the newspaper,” she threatened.

Meanwhile, Manfred and Tariro are currently locked up in another bruising court battle where the latter filed an application seeking to ban the former from having access to their minor child. – B-Metro