Wife deserter moves into truck

Chishamiso Munjoma (left) ,John Chafanza
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FAILURE to meet his wife’s demands led a cross-border truck driver to desert his matrimonial home and move into his company vehicle, The Weekender has leant.

After 18 years of marriage, John Chafanza can no longer stand his wife Chishamiso Munjoma’s demands.

This came to light last Wednesday at the Mutare Civil Courts as Munjoma was applying for the maintenance of her three children.  She told the presiding magistrate, Mr Lazarus Murendo, that Chafanza told her that he had enough of her harassment. She said Chafanza’s actions brought shame and ridicule to their family.

“He just woke up one day and told me that he could no longer stay with me. Since then, he has not been taking care of his children” she said.

Chafanza confirmed moving out of his matrimonial home. He said prior to June, all was well in their marriage as he was working and staying in South Africa.

According to him, all hell broke loose when he decided to settle in Zimbabwe.

Chafanza said his wife’s financial demands are extraordinary.

“Her demands forced me to move out and find alternative accommodation in my truck,” he said.

“While I was in South Africa, I could afford all of her demands as I was getting a higher salary. I could tolerate all of her nagging as we would only meet during the holidays and my off-days,” said Chafanza.

“When l relocated to Zimbabwe, this did not go down well with my wife as she was used to getting all she wanted from me. I now get US$100 per month and can no longer afford all the luxuries she is used to. From time to time I give her the little that l have but she continues demanding more,” he said.

Munjoma confirmed this.

“When he was working in South Africa, he used to send us more money. I want things to get back to normal. The money he is offering is too little from what the family is used to. I think he is earning more and giving less to his family,” said Munjoma.

While she wanted $30 000 as maintenance for the couple’s three children, Chafanza offered $6 000.

Mr Murendo adjourned the matter to today (Friday) and ordered Munjoma to visit Chafanza’s workplace to confirm his monthly salary.