She is a drunkard and marijuana addict: man shames ex-lover

Jolyn Sibanda
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IN a typical tit-for-tat fashion, a seemingly scorned man revealed details of his ex-lover’s drug addiction claiming she was a “serial boozer” who was apparently being controlled by alcohol.

Mike Ndabenkulu Khumalo from Bulawayo’s Gwabalanda suburb claimed his ex-lover Jolyn Sibanda became violent whenever she got wasted.

Most upsetting of all, Khumalo said Sibanda was also addicted to marijuana.
Khumalo decided to shame his ex-lover after she approached the court seeking a protection order against him claiming he was abusing her and threatening her with death.

“I was in a relationship with Mike Ndabenkulu Khumalo for the past five-and-a-half years. We separated after he became violent and is always threatening me with death. He beats me up and constantly comes to our home at around 2am heavily intoxicated and in the process he will be insulting me.

“My elder brother once warned him not to come to our house after 9pm but he keeps on coming at odd hours. This disturbs my peace and that of the tenants and neighbours.

This is also causing so much discomfort and I am now even afraid to remain alone at home or go to the shops whenever he is there. He has also threatened to beat me up before he flees to South Africa,” grumbled Sibanda.

Khumalo didn’t take the allegations lightly and he decided to shame Sibanda saying she was an alcoholic and drug addict.

He revealed her excessive drinking habits saying she wakes up as early as 5am to drink beer and smoke dagga.

“She is a drunkard and whenever she is drunk she becomes violent. She wakes up as early as 5am to drink and smoke dagga.

She is being ill-influenced by her friends to turn against me. We are always engaging in fist fights because of her excessive drinking,” said Khumalo.

His defence, didn’t however, court the sympathy of the presiding magistrate Rachael Mukanga who sternly ordered him not to verbally, emotionally and physically abuse his ex-lover, or threaten her in any way.