Sex with late uncle’s wife torments man

Muchanyara Sandra Sibanda
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HE was secretly bonking his late uncle’s wife and the clandestine activity was revealed when the latter fell pregnant.

Tobias Sibanda from New Magwegwe suburb in Bulawayo is really in a dilemma after his late uncle’s wife Muchanyara Sandra Sibanda claimed he forced her into the “illicit” relationship.

What also makes Tobias’ “sin” so obnoxiously unforgivable is that he no longer wants to associate himself with Muchanyara despite the fact that he sired a child with her.

Tobias, who is apparently ashamed and rattled by the development, last week bared his soul in court where he was seeking a restraining order against Muchanyara.

He said his love for Muchanyara was “dead” adding that it was not a sin that he no longer had a strong urge for her.

He ruled out the option of a reunion with Muchanyara saying she was violent and was always labelling him a wizard.

“I had an illicit relationship with Muchanyara Sandra Sibanda who is my late uncle’s wife which resulted in the birth of a child on 31 March 2008. We have since severed ties and as punishment for dumping her she is now constantly harassing me together with my mother.

“She is calling me names saying I am a wizard and my mother is a witch. She is also phoning me while threatening me with unspecified action. I am now living in fear because of her threats and want the court to stop her from communicating with me,” pleaded Tobias.

In response, a seemingly bitter Muchanyara refuted her ex-lover’s claims. She said Tobias was the one who was sexually abusing her during the subsistence of their relationship.

“I am surprised at his claims that I am harassing him. From the time we separated I have never been to his place. I am also not insulting him and his mother who is also my late husband’s sister. When my husband passed on, he forced me into a relationship which resulted in the birth of our now 10-year-old child,” responded Muchanyara.

Presiding magistrate Tinashe Tashaya in his ruling ordered the estranged parties not to verbally abuse or threaten each other.